La Buvette

Keith Friederich
Baker Keith Friederich
Julie Friederich
Chef Julie Friederich
Darech Gaskill
Manager Darech Gaskill

La Buvette is a European-style wine bar, cafe and market located in the heart of Omaha’s bustling Old Market district.

Since owners Mark and Vera Mercer opened La Buvette in 1991, the cafe has been, at its heart, a reflection of the diverse Old Market neighborhood, drawing residents young and old for social gatherings and intimate conversations. La Buvette is an informal spot where regulars greet each other and customers choose their own bottle of wine from the shelves lining the walls.

Amid the hum of conversation, clinking of wine glasses and silverware, guests can sip leisurely on a glass of wine or dine on small plates or European-inspired entrees. The wine list and daily food offerings are evolving constantly, under the supervision of chef Julie Friederich, manager Darech Gaskill, and owner Mark Mercer. The bread is made daily from scratch by baker Keith Friederich using Parisian methods.

Housed in a historic space with aged brick walls, exposed beams, and large windows, La Buvette is the perfect place to linger with a drink and a snack and watch the bustling activity of the Old Market.